Payment system as a ready-made mechanism for business integration

Case description
As part of the partner service, we developed our own payment system that allows you to conduct transactions remotely within a second. This is achieved by identification with a unique payment code that remains valid within 30 minutes. Thanks to the code, no extra data are required for the user to conduct a transaction. It's simple: the supplier sends the user a payment link. The user generates a code in the smartphone, enters it into the form and the transaction takes place.
The user selects the service in the application window. For example, a city guide
In the application form, the user makes a service request
The application gets into the supplier's personal account, where it can invoice the user in the form of a link
By clicking on the link, the user selects the payment method
After the transaction, the user receives a letter with payment confirmation
Target audience:
Companies that sell any goods and services and wish to simplify the payment process
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