MVNO — billing, debit and balance management systems for cellular data users of the corporate segment

Case description
Together with partners, a cellular communication model for corporate clients was developed and implemented. The project offers communication management tools, allows for a flexible tariff setup and a convenient widget to manage communications from the personal account. Stand-alone model that can be implemented in any company.
A module can be a standalone application or be embedded in any other application (for example, it can be your corporate application)
Inside the module, the user can select the appropriate tariff
After obtaining a phone number, the user gets a SIM card. It can be delivered or issued at a pickup point
The tariff is topped up and configured using the tariff management module
Target audience:
Business owners wishing to introduce corporate cellular communication in the company. This will allow not only to ensure clear communication between employees and customers, but also to keep track of customer base without losing it.
Next case:
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